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Writing Vividly the Power of Description FreelanceWriting Have you ever read writing so vivid that you felt as if you were actually experiencing the story first-hand? Okay, now what if I tell you that the room is a restaurant kitchen? What if I tell you that the restaurant’s closed for the night, and the kitchen is dark except for the streetlamp shining in the back window. Using specific details in your writing will guide the reader’s imagination, helping the reader to imagine a scene the way you have imagined it yourself. If you describe every pea in every can of peas in the restaurant pantry, readers will fall asleep. Look for…The details you should choose will also depend on the narrative viewpoint you are using in the scene. Take as much time as you need to conform your writing style to the scene. Visualize how you want to describe a character or scene before you start writing; this will help you choose the right words in clever ways that will interest your readers. If you are describing scenes which produce vivid impressions, then use short, concise sentences.

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Tips For How You Can Write More Vividly If the scene were in a film, where would the camera be located? Not necessarily. This author will have to write well, use metaphors and images, imbed the text with foreshadowing and suspense, use such precision that the reader feels she is entering the setting the author is describing. Solution if this is you write using all the elements of great style at your disposal. A big order but the better you become at it the more fun it will be.

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